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Our Services:

Because Mobile Pet Karma does not offer conventional veterinary services, we prefer to work alongside your primary care veterinarian to offer the most holistic approach to healthcare. There are situations in which specific diagnostics may be required or strongly recommended in order to get accurate, detailed information about your pet's problem so we can provide the very best, individually-tailored treatments and ensure the best possible outcome.

Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM):

TCVM is an Eastern approach to healthcare. It uses Traditional Chinese Medicine principles including Yin and Yang, Zang Fu, Five Element Theory, and Eight Principles to determine patterns for underlying illnesses. Once a specific pattern for an illness can be determined, treatment is tailored to reverse imbalances and correct disease.

Qi ("chee") can be considered the universal lifeforce energy that flows through all living things. Where there is Qi, there is Life. When Qi flows smoothly everything is in balance, but when the flow of Qi is disrupted disease and disharmony results. There are many factors that can affect Qi. TCVM practitioners take into consideration many attributes and variables for each individual to diagnose the underlying cause of a problem.

There are four methods of treatment (or branches) used when practicing Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine.


Acupuncture involves the insertion of specialized needles into very specific points on the body. Qi flows through 12 primary channels or "meridians" within the body, and acupoints lie along these channels. The effects of acupuncture are achieved primarily through the body's nervous system, but the exact mechanism of action is much more complicated.

The insertion of the needles is painless, but the sensation of having an acupoint stimulated can be "weird." Humans describe any number of sensations ranging from slight pressure, tingling, warmth, itchiness, or nothing at all. Most pets do not mind the "weird" sensation and will relax after the needles have been in place for a few minutes. However, some pets dislike acupuncture. For those individuals, different techniques can be used to achieve similar results.


Tui-na ("twee naa") can be thought of as a combination of conventional therapeutic massage, acupressure, and chiropractic manipulation. Various massage and pressure techniques help release tension, decrease pain, improve relaxation, and regulate the body. Some techniques can be taught to owners to be performed on pets between sessions to maximize benefits.

Food Therapy:

Diet recommendations may be made based on Chinese principles to help correct imbalances and prevent disease. Recommendations may include changing protein sources, adding whole food "toppers" to current diets, or formulating home-cooked meals based on an animal's current condition.

In Traditional Chinese (Veterinary) Medicine, individual foods are categorized according to energetic properties. A food may be considered hot, cold, or neutral, and may be further categorized from there. Specific conditions may be considered Hot or Cold, and treating these conditions with the opposite foods may help correct imbalances in a very safe way.

Herbal Medicine:

Herbal medicine may include individual single herbs or herbal formulas that contain a number of herbs. The quality of ingredients goes a long way in determining how effective the prescription will be, and Mobile Pet Karma is extremely selective when it comes to manufacturers of these products.

Herbals are prescribed based on the TCVM pattern diagnosis for your individual animal and have substantially fewer side effects compared to conventional medications. Herbals typically come in teapill, capsule, and powder forms, with some options for biscuits and liquids.


Herbal medications may be prescribed short-term or for chronic, long-term use. It is important to understand that as your pet responds to treatment his or her needs may change. Continuing to give some of these medications beyond when they are indicated may actually be harmful to your pet, so it is important to always follow up with Mobile Pet Karma or another TCVM practitioner.

Additional Services:


Reiki ("rey-key") is a Japanese healing technique that involves the transfer of energy by means of touch, close contact, or over a distance to help restore physical and emotional well-being. It can help activate the body's natural healing process and many pets respond favorably to this technique.

Laser Therapy:

A non-invasive technique using specific wavelengths of light to stimulate tissues within the body and speed up the healing process. Treatments help relieve pain and inflammation and typically only take a few minutes per area treated. This technique can also be used to stimulate acupoints for pets that dislike or unable to receive needling.

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