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What is Mobile Pet Karma?

Quite simply we offer in-home alternative veterinary services for cats and dogs. These services can be thought of as alternative, complementary, holistic, or integrative when compared to conventional veterinary medicine. For the most holistic approach to healthcare we prefer to work alongside your primary care veterinarian. Mobile Pet Karma does not offer any conventional veterinary services beyond a complete, integrative physical exam (i.e. vaccines, laboratory diagnostics, grooming, etc).


Mobile Pet Karma specializes in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM): A complete medical system grounded in Chinese Daoist philosophy that has been used to successfully treat animals for thousands of years. Disease is believed to result when an imbalance exists in the body. TCVM practitioners take into consideration everything from age, sex, temperament, activity level, diet, and environment to determine the pattern of the imbalance and to correct it. Treatment methods include Acupuncture, Tui Na (therapeutic massage), Food Therapy, and Herbal Medicine.


In addition to Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, Mobile Pet Karma also offers Reiki, laser, and end-of-life services.


What do we stand for?


We believe that the quality of life is most important, and any good you do for your pet today helps ensure them a better tomorrow. We treat our own pets like family, and we will treat your pets like our own.


Who can benefit from Mobile Pet Karma’s services?


In short just about any pet. Whether you’re looking to improve your pet’s overall Quality of Life, seeking a means to counteract the side effects of chemotherapy, trying to deal with inappropriate urinary issues, getting tired of the frequent vomiting episodes or constantly itchy skin, or looking for a safer solution to help your geriatric dog or cat move around a little better, we’re here to help.


Because treatments are always tailored to the individual, we offer a free in-home consultation for every new patient with no obligation. During this time we can address your concerns, expectations, and give you a better idea of just how Mobile Pet Karma can help your individual animal.


All services are by appointment only. Although having a primary care veterinarian is not required, there are situations where we may not be able to treat your pet, or where additional diagnostics such as radiographs (x-rays) or bloodwork may help us tailor treatments more specifically. In these situations, we will be happy to refer you to a local veterinarian (including a house-call vet) or a specialty hospital if you're not already familiar with one.

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